Summer Live Music

Live Music at the State Theater!
We have been working hard behind the scenes to put together a fantastic summer season of live music. We have our season locked down and are officially ready to announce the season's lineup. Be sure to enjoy a curated playlist of music featuring these artists.

Thursday, June 22

Since 2013, this 9-piece act has lit up stages around the country with their trademark brand of “sweaty soul music,” an invitation for audiences to dance, celebrate, and connect under a unifying and infectious groove.

Bandleader and frontman Johnny Burroughs sings, dances, and screams audiences into a revival-like frenzy. His dynamite backing band includes sizzling horns and powerhouse rhythm section made up of some of Colorado’s most versatile and in-demand musicians. Since their early days pulling inspiration from artists spanning Stevie Wonder to Beyonce, the group has grown into a formidable creative collective focused on finding an original voice. The band’s undeniable chemistry on stage is built from a decade of real-life relationships and creative partnership. In an industry focused on finding the next big singular artist, The Burroughs have forged their own path that centers on music made in community.


Swallows with Born Too Late
Saturday, July 29

The Twin Cities-based rock/Americana band Swallows have been described as a “complex combination of American roots and Old World folk music” (Minneapolis City Pages), “Atmospheric Americana” (Curious North), “rootsy punk” (Minneapolis Star Tribune) and “a little prog rock, a little classical, a little old Sabbath-type metal, a little Old World folk” (Hymie’s Vintage Records).

Born Too Late is a Twin Ports based band who got their start in 2016 while the members were still in school. Their debut album, Rebel Child, was released in July 2022.




Monster in the Woods Volume 3


Saturday, August 19th


The 3rd volume of the Monster in the Woods (curated by Christopher David Hanson) will be Coming to the State Theater August 19th.

This fully acoustic set will feature music from The Golden Mend, Wood Song Souvenir, and Black River Revue. 




Keith Secola


Saturday, September 2nd


Keith Secola is an icon and ambassador of Native music. He is one of the most influential artists in the field today. Rising from the grassroots of North America, he is a songwriter of the people. Critics have dubbed him as the Native versions of both Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. NDN Kars (Indian cars), his most popular song is considered the contemporary Native American anthem, achieving legendary status and earning him a well deserved cult following. It has been the number one requested song on tribal radio since the 1992. In 2011, he joined the ranks of Jimmy Hendrix, Hank Williams, Crystal Gale, and Richie Valens, and was inducted into the Native Music Hall of Fame.






Saturday, October 7th


Tickets avalable soon! Check back here for updates!


Haley is a St Paul based Singer-Songwriter. After making music under the name Haley Bonar, in 2018 she released the purely instrumental, "Pleasureland," her debut album as "Haley."

Known for such hits as "Kismet Kills," "Hometown," and "Last War," We are so excited for Haley to perform at the State Theater.