Ely's Historic State Theater programs ignite imagination, foster connection, and celebrate the art of storytelling. Our vision is to cultivate a vibrant, healthy community by providing accessible and inclusive entertainment, educational experiences, and a welcoming gathering space for Ely and beyond.


Ely’s Historic State Theater is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Donations to Ely’s Historic State Theater are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Be a part of the action! There are several ways to support:

Become a Sponsor

INVEST IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Help Ely's Historic State Theater fulfill its mission by sponsoring our annual programs. When you support our organization, you will grow your business impact, strengthen Ely's growing arts economy, champion inclusion, and contribute to the public good.
* Marquee Policy can be read at


Become a Sustaining Donor

SET UP MONTHLY DONATIONS. Sales of tickets and concessions don’t cover the cost of operating the State Theater. We rely on the generosity of our patrons to support our programming. Your monthly donations to Ely’s Historic State Theater will help us in the following ways:


  • Show movies year-round
  • Keep ticket prices low
  • Offer a broad selection of concessions at low prices
  • Host theatrical, musical, and live events
  • Increase the quality of life for people of all ages in our community
  • Invite our visitors to come and stay longer for more fun
  • Provide an economic boost for our town
  • Energize Ely's impact as a regional cultural hub
  • Create opportunities for our artists and entertainers
  • Enrich Ely's brand of adventure, culture, and fun

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Advertising Details


  1. Advertising materials and copy must be received by the first Monday of the month, in
    order to be included in the following advertising period. For example, if you want your
    ad to start playing February 21, 2025, our team must receive all materials by Monday,
    February 3rd.
  2. Price variations from month to month reflect our average ticket sales during the
    month your ad will play and incorporate how many weeks the ad will play.
  3. Pre-show ads are static “slides” that play 3 times spaced evenly throughout our
    30-minute pre-show. Each ad will display 3 times for 15 seconds each.
  4. Video ads play at our listed showtime, when our audiences are most engaged.
  5. 10% Repeat Advertising discount for any organization that runs an ad for 2 or more
    months in a row.

Video Ad Technical Requirements:
Supported Video formats → .mp4, .mov
Supported video resolution → 1080p, 4K
Supported dimensions → (HD) 1920x1080, (4K Flat) 3996x2160
Sample Video Ad:


Static Pre-Show Ad Technical Requirements:

Submit your own ad: (requires pixel resolution of 3996x2160) OR

We can make your ad & include one review before finalizing.
We require the following assets / specs delivered the first
Monday of the month your ad will play:

High resolution image files (.jpg or .png) - send 2-3 options
QR code image file (.jpg or .png) if applicable
Ad copy (text limit → 160 characters)
Image Resolution → 300 dpi
Image Dimension → 1920x1080 or larger
Logos → .svg or vector format files


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